Welcome to Reggae Plus TV

Reggaeplus TV's approach has always been to provide our viewers with an authentic Caribbean experience from the comfort of their home. As such, our interviewers strive to cover news, artists, prominent sport figures and politicians that reinforce positivity within the Caribbean community. Please note, it is not our mandate to control the story and as such, we have set high standards for our staff to produce an unbiased story. Reggae Plus TV is a Multi-Cultural Entertainment Television program and was recently nominated for the 'Linkage Award Show' in 2012 for the Digital Media Category. Our program currently airs on the Cablevision Network, serving 24 Caribbean Countries,UK, Canada and the tri-state area (NY, NJ, Conn). Our audience is primarily from 19 - 45 and has become a bridge between the younger and the older fans of Caribbean culture. We are aggressively committed to growing our viewership and believe in providing an authentic Caribbean experience.