Reggae Plus TV is a television show based in The Bronx, NY. Reggae Plus TV is a pioneering force in the reggae/dancehall/hip-hop television production. As an independent producer of television programming, Reggae Plus opens the doors on the world of reggae, particularly dancehall, and Caribbean culture. As a result of the close association with the Hip Hop community and some of its key players and producers in the genre, Reggae Plus is also able to provide programming directed at the Hip Hop market. Reggae Plus has grown to be one of the most watched video shows in the tri-state area capturing a audience ranging between 18-40 and has become a bridge between the younger and the older reggae and hip hop fans. Reggae Plus has also delved into the world of sports with interviews from prominent sports figures. Reggae Plus TV is the new generation in music video television. Reggae Plus TV Seeing is Believing !